MACH4: The 1-inch SSD; Industry’s smallest and the most reliable Solid state drive, now in news!

MACH4 has brought in a lot of good news especially for the system designers as the MACH4 SSD reduces the footprint of the designs and the power requirement is also completed reduced. The design facility of the 1-inch SSD brings a smile on every system designer’s face! It also opens its way for new product categories with its flexibility in design.

Do you know there have been many applications that were historically challenged due to the limitations of the HDD? The 1-inch HDD which is popularly known as the hard disk drives was not a cost effective solution and there were too many complications to implement the solution. So, STEC has found out a better and cost effective solution through MACH4. This product has a high capacity and their reliability is worth trying. MACH4 also comes with an easy implementation solution which makes it every more attractive in the market.

What makes MACH4 the best?

  • Integrated storage device
  • The best combination of speed
  • Greater reliability
  • Unmatchable Form factor
  • Highest throughput guaranteed in the smallest package
  • Enabling the performance of new applications
  • Ideal solution for various applications
  • Helps blade servers, Personal computer, Mobile devices

Explaining the Ultra-Compact Footprint feature of MACH4

The ultra-compact footprint feature of MACH4 is optimized and designed to work with embedded OEM applications. These applications require a lot of space which cannot be handled by HDD.  MACH4’s ultra-compact footprint has the best feature of small form factor to handle each and every requirement of the OEM applications. MACH4 also works effectively and efficiently with many other applications that include

  • Kiosks that are interactive
  • Portable notebooks
  • GPS systems
  • Navigation tools and applications
  • Entertainment system that supports automation

Basically, MACH4 supports all systems that require the best and the smallest possible storage solution that can provide a high level of performance and capacity. It also supports systems that look for cost-effective variations.

Cohesive Design of MACH4

MACH4 enables the usage of SSD by removing the difficulties of NAND-based memory. Yes, the 1-inch SSD works as the best alternative solution for OEM to embrace NAND which is nothing but its replacement. MACH4 is the small form factor replacement of the HDD and it is built in with the best performance and reliability. The cohesive design of MACH4 SSD delivers unpredicted speed and it is very much reliable for easy integration. While the HDD manufacturers concentrate on improving the capacity of the 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch HDD forms, the small form factor of MACH4 is welcoming and evolving. It is a category that most of the system designers prefer!

The best features of the MACH4 you must know!

  • Standard interface: SATA and ATA
  • Speed: The MACH4 has four independent channels that work on flash memory. All the four channels have ultra-fast speed that has the capacity to withstand more than 90MB reads and 55MB writes which are high compared to the other utilities available in the market.
  • Reliability: In recent trends, this is the most reliable and the powerful elaborate flash management capacity that ensures a long product life. It adds the bad block management and gives full data-path protection that keeps the data safe and secured. It has an 8-bit ECC engine that is built in and also has a power-down built-in data protection that enhances the reliability of the product.
  • Security: MACH4 highly encrypted with AES encryption in hardware and has a write-protect mode that ensures data safety and security to the maximum level.

Apart from these features, the MACH4 has a lot of built-in features that makes the drive the best to be used in Commercial and industrial operations where there are a huge amount of data written and read. MACH4 is used in places where there is a huge level of data transfers and data storage happening. It uses low power mode and has the best and the fastest boot time compared to the other traditional hard disks. The reduced latency is also a highlight!

In commercial sectors, it is important to get the most secured and safe drive that holds and provides the data without any lag. MACH4 is the best alternative compared to the features of the ordinary hard disk.

MACH4, its price and Availability factors

MACH4 is already in the market with different capacities. MACH4 with 8GB is approximately priced $45 and there are different variations available in the market for your use. STEC has the entire sales information about the product and you contact visit the website to find out more about the recent launches and more.

MACH4 is, of course, the latest and the recent SSD in the market that works well with most of the applications and it is worth investing in this product category that helps in effective business handling.

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