6 Types Of Memory Cards

The market is flooded with several types of memory cards, and it's prevalent for you to know the exact difference between them so you can opt for the correct one. There are plenty of different memory cards are used in cameras and other small devices, so it is generating difficult choice for customers when it comes to choosing the right one.

1. SD Cards
SD cards have claimed to be most widespread digital memory card format used cameras in this day and age. They come with stamp size which is fairly small in size. They are quite similar to MMC memory cards, but yes has inbuilt lock switch to write protect the data of the card. SD Cards are practically compatible with any device where you can see SD mark and in devices supporting SDHC and SDXC cards. They are commonly used in compact cameras, there are few brands are offering their own memory cards.SD Cards are inclusive of SDHC cards, which are big in capacities right from 4 BG data storage.

2. MMC Cards
MMC Cards are similar in measurement with SD cards but capacity is different. MMC and SD cards have difference of measurement and their functionality. Generally MMCs has a measurement where can easily fit into a standard SD card, but the standard SD cards cannot fit into MMC.

3. Compact Flash Cards
Compact Flash, these cards are oftenly seen in Digital SLR cameras. CF cards are big in size and thickness than SD cards but yes they are comparatively cheap and sturdy. The standard has also been around for a long time. CF cards are uniquely designed so they can easily fit into a any personal computer cards if used with an adapter. CompactFlash does not have a feature of write protection like SD card does but, although it can save contents of the card.

4. Mini/Micro SD
After the successful introduction of SD cards Mini and Micro SD use the same basic technology as SD cards, moreover there is a huge market of devices like mobile phones. To make compatible with SD card readers, adapters added with them. Mini and Micro cards have standard measure of card so they can accommodate well with small devices.

5. Memory Stick
Memory Sticks is nothing but the latest avatar of the format and very much identical to SD cards Merely SONY adopted this memory sticks so it made them costlier than SD cards. SONY cameras support the use of SD cards but as they adopted memory sticks and sticking to it since long.

6. XD Cards
XD Cards are established on the same technology as Smart Media memory cards and identical to SD cards size. Fujifilm cameras have that configuration but their new models support SD cards. You need to spend time in researching on the compatibility of memory cards which will levy not only compatible mode of your camera but usage of the same.