Does your personal computer need a PCIe SSD? Exploring more!


Is your PC using a traditional hard disk drive? Do you there are advancements and most of the new PC’s are using a Solid-state drive also known as the SSD? However, Solid-state drive is not the latest technology but the PCIe SSDs are! How do we know if they are different from the regular ones?

A solid-state drive has an internal flash chip that is used to save the files but the hard disk popularly known as HDD uses a physical thing to keep everything connected. Let us discuss the goodness of SSDs over the traditional HDD. The size of SDD is compact and it requires only less power compared to the other versions. It also has an unimaginable speed that helps your computer to load faster. Using applications and programs on your computer is also quicker.

Understanding the work of SSD

There are channels involved in communication process from your SSD to the computer. SATA III is the most popular channel to connect the SSD to your PC. This is capable of sending and receiving 6.0 Gigabits of data per second which equals to 750 Megabytes. However, in practice, you might not have experienced the same speed but theoretically, it should deliver this speed. So, if you want to experience the same speed, the boot time of your personal computer will be less than 5 seconds if the operating system is new.

Where do you find the PCIe slot on the PC? You have to use the same sold that handles the graphics and video card but the experience that you receive from PCIe is powerful than the rest. It is capable of handling 15.75 GB and in real it can handle up to 3.00GB without any trouble. The SATA Solid-state drive can read 550 MB data per second and it can write approximately 500 MB date per second without any trouble. The numbers aren’t fixed and you may experience slight changes from one model to the other. As per the theory, this is how the SATA III should work and the tech will simply the logical progression.

What is the price of SSD?

You can definitely not expect the price to be less because it uses the latest technology and it is quite expensive than the previous versions!

The price of 850 EVO SATA SSD 500GB Samsung will cost you $170 and the same brand another model 950 PRO M will cost you $330 which doubles the original price. If there is a need to use this SSD for the server application or if you wish to enjoy the benefits of PCIe SSD, it is up to you to choose the product and the pricing.

PCIe SSDS are best fit for server applications and enterprise applications. And this can be utilized only if you transfer gigabyte data every day. If you use a huge file or data on daily basis, you can prefer this SATA III SSD so that your job can be handled easily.

You must also consider the fact that the old motherboards may or may not come with a PCIe SSD slot. On the other hand, few motherboards have restricted number of PCIe SSD slot and other slots will be blocked for graphic cards and other parameters. So, when you do not have enough space, you need to find out the best one for your which will give you the right speed and the right storage.

PCIe SSDs are still not popular yet because the requirement and the need are restricted. There are only a few takers who select the PCIe SSDs for their personal use however they are used widely in the enterprise. This is a worthy investment when the usage is high so think wisely before you opt!

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