SSD Cache drives goes head to head from Intel and Corsair


During the initial stage of launch, people believed that it was easy to shift from the traditional HDD to the SSDs however, this was not the case! We all believe that SSD is the new form of storage which brought in a lot of revolutionary changes, however, shifting to SSDs was not as simple as we thought! The upgrade was confined to the high-end Personal computer market.

The buyers of SSD had higher performance but it was too expensive when the capacity was considered. People had to concentrate mostly on the storage space where 128GB was too much but they were least bothered about the boot time and the handling time. So, considering all these, the main aim of SSD was to improve the storage capacity which did not work well on the lower scale of PC owners.

In order to solve this problem, the SSD cache drivers were introduced which were small compared to the normal SSD but had a very strong demand. They came with 20-60 GB NAND flash drives from which applications and files were accessed. This also enhanced the boot time and the complete operation of the system.

With this, the Intel started releasing their own Caching software Z68 chipset in the year 2011 and other drives like Corsair, Mushkin, OCZ, Crucial were launched back to back which answers these questions.

  • Can you expect a performance enhancement or boost with the SSD cache drive? If yes, what type pf boost in performance?
  • What are the features of the solutions provided by the Intel? What is Dataplex? What are the characteristics of data plex that one must look forward to?
  • Will there be an overall enhancement in the performance after the use of SSD cache drive? Will it be better than HDD? What is the faster mechanics that are used to improve the performance?

The STR which is popularly known as the Inter Smart Response Technology and Dataplex are not the same but they are designed to meet the same goals with different restrictions, usage, and capabilities. If you are looking to use both the technologies in your Personal computer, you may be wrong.

Your computer cannot withstand to adapt with both the technologies but you can still have any one of the technology after considering the age of your system and its performance and features.

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