sTec s840 SSDs for Windows Server 2012

sTec, Inc. is a leading global provider of SSD solutions. It designs, develops and manufactures SSDs (solid-state drives) that are based on flash memory and DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory). The products are for a wide range of consumer applications and industry such as personal computing, internet protocol networking, consumer electronics, telecommunications. The company has a robust portfolio of intellectual property and this fact gives them significant advantages in SSD design.

Recently the company announced that s840 Series Enterprise SAS SSDs with high-performance were certified for Windows Server 2012 and it includes use with Windows Server 2012 Cluster in a box system.


The director of SSD technical marketing Swapna Yasarapu noticed that SSD technology was emerging as a significant, viable storage element in a new server generation running on Windows Server platform. Microsoft highlighted its support for the storage technology and this fact reflected how SSD technology had become a mainstream storage solution which delivered a great performance for servers in data centers, cloud computing and other high-performance enterprise areas.

Significantly, SSDs are the main technology that is able to unleash the full performance capabilities of the new systems. sTec works on the system and help customers utilize the potential of Windows Server 2012 and, furthermore, the customers can take advantages of SSDs.


sTec’s s840 Series Enterprise SSDs are designed in order storage systems realize input/output per second (IOPS). This single s840 drive can even replace HDDs.

These products are based on MLC NAND flash memory that is why have the maximum sequential reading speed of 500 MB/s and writing speed of up to 300 MB/s. the maximum performance in random reading mode in blocks of 4 KB is 75.000 IOPS and random writing mode in blocks of 4 KB is 11.000 IOPS. The endurance technology of the company called Cell Care and together with Advanced Flash Management shows  consistent and predictable steady state performance over the SSD life. All these technologies imply that the customer gets an attractive TCO picture over the drive useful life.

What’s more, Windows server 2012 power a lot of large datacenters, enables small businesses all over the world. It also offers a variety of new enhancements and features such as networking, user experience, virtualization, automation, cloud computing.

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